[Can you eat noodles during lactation]_ Breeding period _ Can you eat them?

[Can you eat noodles during lactation]_ Breeding period _ Can you eat them?

Noodles are a very common ingredient in life, especially in the Northeast region. Pork stewed noodles are a home-cooked dish. If it is normal, it doesn’t matter how much noodles you eat.

But after entering the lactation period, the diet needs to pay attention to many problems. Improper diet may affect the normal secretion of milk, which is the last thing you want to see.

So, can I eat noodles during lactation?

Let’s take a look below.

The diet during lactation is mainly nutrient-rich, and the food is quantitative. Eating some noodles properly is not a big problem and will not affect the normal feeding of your baby.

Breast milk is the best natural food that irreplaceable babies. From the day of pregnancy, every pregnant mother gradually grows breasts and is ready to feed her baby.

The mother’s breast is the baby’s granary. Under normal circumstances, every mother has milk after giving birth, but not all mothers have enough milk for the baby. If you want to have rich and nutritious postpartum milk, strengthen the nutrition during pregnancyReserves are important.

The mood of the mother will also affect the secretion of milk. Therefore, the mother must maintain a happy mood every day, do not overwork, pay attention to rest, drink plenty of soup, such as pork rib soup, trotter soup, chicken soup, etc., should also allow the child to suck moreGive milk.

You can eat some sunflowers, which are rich in nutrients, and contain 14 protein per 100 grams of dried product.

1 gram, which is similar to the content of animal meat. It also contains a large amount of vitamin B1, B2 and other black sesame seeds. It is also a nutrient-rich food. Black sesame seeds contain a variety of essential amino acids in the body., Can accelerate the metabolic function of the human body; iron and vitamin E in black sesame can prevent anemia, activate brain cells, and eliminate vascular endothelium.

Tofu wine brewed soup is also very good for prolactin, has the effect of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, promoting lactation and milking, clearing heat and detoxifying, and regular postpartum food can not only increase milk secretion, but also promote uterine recovery.

Drink more peanut chicken feet soup can also promote milk, the soup contains protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin and other nutrients.

This soup has the effects of nourishing blood and promoting milk, promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding, and strengthening muscles and bones.

Postpartum consumption can promote milk secretion, facilitate uterine recovery, promote the elimination of lochia, and help prevent postpartum hemorrhage.